• Land Cost Advantage

  • Man Power Cost Advantage

  • Logistic Advantages

    Procter and Gamble took a strategic decision in the year 2000-2001 to locate their Central Warehouse at Bhopal for their entire FMCG products .In the year 2003-2004 they have been able to reduce the prices of their Brands because of the Logistic advantage offered by its economical warehousing activities at Bhopal .Many FMCG Companies are now relocating their wares to Madhya Pradesh.

  • Fiscal Advantages

    A promotional assistance equivalent to 50-75% of the Commercial Tax and Central Sales Tax deposited in the first year shall be given in the second year. This promotional assistance shall be given for 3-10 years depending upon the category of the district and the amount of investment shall not be more than the total investment of the installed unit.

  • Qualification of estimated overall "Cost Advantages"

    Madhya Pradesh vis-a-vis developed State and Metros...